Luxury Advance 
Facial Course




What you'll learn during the course.


  • You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish this facial course from Lucia who has over 15 years experience in beauty industry. 

  • You will know how to do an beautiful luxury facial that includes decoltage, facial  head and neck massage that people will love

  • You will have an good understanding of how to read the various skin types before you do a facial

  • You will know how to do skin analyse 

  • You will know that how you can build your business in the beauty industry

  • You will know how you prepare a beauty room

  • You will know how you prepare a client for a facial

  • Client form sample

  • Cheat sheet for Microdermabrasion facial treatment  

  • YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO USE THE Microdermabrasion machine and how to use the diamond heads.


On your educational journey with us you will learn to the importance of determining to correctly identify the various skin conditions presented in clinic and causes of those conditions. Many contemporary skin conditions fail to respond to traditional approaches and require more intelligent interventions. Without a thorough understanding of why skin conditions develop and the individual circumstances surrounding them, we are unable to prescribe effective, realistic, treatment solutions and programs


Benefits of Microdermabrasion


Reduces breakouts – unclogs pores and congestion to reduce acne, blackheads and breakouts. Treats premature aging – treats sun exposure, dry skin, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes even skin tone and reduces pigmentation – corrects, strengthens and clarifies the skin.



The course will cover the theory and the practical requirements in performing facial treatments. Theory work will be completed in class with the Luxury Beauty Training  Manual  Book.


Entry Advice: There are no pre-requisites for entry to this course. Although this course is great for Beauty Therapist and Beauticians, to refresh their skills.

Entry requirements: There are no entry requirements to this certificate.


Qualification Title: Certificate of Completion for, this course has the highest standard of \training, although this course is non-accredited, its equivalent with the (Statement of Attainment for completion) of Certificate III in Beauty Services, code: SIBBFAS404A Provide Facial Treatment .


Student Kit: There is no student kit with the course, although all materials and skincare products will be available to purchase. 

Course Material: All materials for this course will be provided by the Luxury Beauty Training, students will need to have the Luxury Beauty Training Manual Book.

Student Practical Work: Students will have practical hands on experience and this will be completed throughout the duration of the course. Students must be willing to receive treatments as well.

Exams: Written Assessment, Performing a facial treatment.

Student Practical Work:  Hands on assessment, performing a facial treatment.


Basic Facial training is an one day course start from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm


This  training is always FACE to FACE TRAINING





50 % Deposit required when you make the booking


The training must be paid before the course is starting. ( at leats 2 weeks before )


The course price is $690



This course includes snack, refreshments.