What is Lip Blush? “Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness,” said Lucia

Please advise me if you:

- Have major health conditions (diabetic, heart conditions, cancer, blood disorders, HIV, hepatitis)

- Suffer from Keloid Scarring

- Have allergies to hair dyes, gold jewellery or nickel

- Are taking medication such as Roaccutane, Bisphosphonate, or Isotretinoin

- Pregnant or breastfeeding


Prior to your procedure please do NOT consume any alcohol, aspirin or ibuprofen (nurofen) up to 48 hours before as this may cause excessive bleeding during your procedure and may affect your results.


Please STOP any fish oil supplements 1 week prior to your procedure as these can also cause excessive bleeding.


Please DO NOT attend your appointment if you have fever or symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) or have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.


Please AVOID any cosmetic procedures (botox & face treatments) 2 weeks prior to your procedure


Before night exfoliate your lip well and use a vaseline on it ( hydrate well )


Please come without lipstick or makeup near your lip


Please take cold sore medicine 3x a day before 3 days your appointment



If you have a cancer or you are diabetes, pregnant  please consult with your doctor before


If you have period you cannot get the treatment because the pain will be high